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From the conceptual stage of a new project to its execution and completion, we at Shamim Engineering Consultants Inc. have been involved with bringing a vast array of projects into fruition. With over 70 years’ combined experienced in mechanical and electrical engineering, each member of our expert team is well-versed in a great variety of advanced technical projects. We have been instrumental in completing massive office and hotel construction and renovation projects, as well as organizing and implementing complex electrical, plumbing, and fire sprinkler systems, among countless other projects.

shamim Engineering Home PageOur technical excellence, timeliness, and attention to budgeting needs have made us a valuable partner to a great many corporate and independent clients of all sizes, each with their own unique engineering needs. As we at Shamim Engineering Consultants Inc. see it, no technical undertaking is too big, too challenging, or too precise in scope. If you and you or your company needs a project completed in a reasonable amount of time within a reasonable budget, look no further. Send us a message or call us for a free consultation, and we’ll give your project the expert attention and consideration it deserves.